Tamar Braxton Causes People to Talk After Recent Tweet About Kandi Burruss

Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss weren’t on the best terms before they ended up on “Celebrity Big Brother” together. So there was tension between them at first. And Tamar eventually confronted Kandi and they had to hash things out. After both women put all their issues out on the table, they agreed to work on moving forward. They have been on great terms since.

So this is why some people questioned Tamar’s recent tweet about Kandi.

The tweet was penned after a Twitter user said they believed that Tamar is on the current season of “The Masked Singer.”

When it comes to “The Masked Singer,” fans of the show love to take to social media to guess just which celebrities are behind their favorite voices.

And a lot of people suspect that Kandi Burruss is on the current season.

However, a Twitter user said they believed that it’s Tamar Braxton.

When Tamar saw the tweet, she responded. And her response made some feel like she was being a little shady. Check out the screenshot below.

After Tamar’s fans began to point out that some people would think the tweet was shady, Tamar deleted the tweet. She then penned another explaining that it wasn’t her intent to be messy. She said this while responding to another Twitter user who said that Tamar isn’t being messy and both women can sing but sound different.

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