RHOA Recap: More Accusations Come out About Marc + Todd Calls out Kandi

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the most recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the women open up about their fertility struggles at Porsha’s emotional event. And some major revelations were made.

Kenya moves forward with her separation from Marc. She visits her Estate Attorney to put things in place. As she makes her moves, more rumors come out about Marc.

And Todd tells Kandi how he really feels about the current state of their marriage. When he comes clean, Kandi breaks down in tears.

Here’s a recap for, “Ruined Peaches.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


NeNe and Gregg catch up. Gregg has been cancer-free for six months. And he’s been very busy working with the American Cancer Society.

They discuss the Greece trip. Of course, NeNe talks about her major blowup with Kenya. She really feels as if Kenya is picking a fight with her for no reason. And she believes Kenya is being very hypocritical to cut people off for saying anything about her marriage and child when she’s done the same to others.

Gregg tells NeNe to just move on since she’s tried to make peace with Kenya and has gotten nowhere.


Kandi and Todd’s daughter will make her debut into the world in several weeks. But Kandi has to go to Chicago to film “The Chi” for ten weeks. Todd isn’t thrilled that Kandi will have a steamy love making scene. But he’s going to be a team player. And he encourages Kandi to do a good job filming the scene.

Kandi is going to try to come home when their daughter is born. She wants to be one of the first people their daughter sees for bonding reasons.

Before Kandi leaves, she hopes that she and Todd can go to a marriage counseling session. They have been clashing over business lately. She wants to be proactive so things won’t get worse. So Todd agrees to this. And he has a lot of things he wants to get off his chest.


NeNe, Porsha, and Cynthia meet up at NeNe’s boutique, Swagg Boutique. Porsha is having an event about fertility issues and she invites both women to attend.

Kenya pays another visit to her estate attorney. Now that she’s separated from Marc and Marc hasn’t been open to counseling, Kenya wants to really put things in place to protect her and Brooklyn. So she wants to get a trust and put her aunt in charge of it. She doesn’t want Marc to have access to the trust at all. Kenya says she thinks she makes more money than Marc and also has more assets than him.


While Kandi is away in Chicago, she FaceTimes with Todd and Ace. Ace misses Kandi, so he breaks down in tears. This is hard for Kandi and when she’s away for work, it makes her feel like she’s not a good parent. She knows she has to figure out a way to balance everything.


Eva’s son Maverick is born. It was Eva’s shortest labor at 22 hours. At this point, Eva doesn’t know if she wants to give birth again. But she does still want to have five kids. So she’s going to look into other options.

Cynthia comes over to see Baby Maverick. And she recaps what went down in Greece. Cynthia says NeNe thinks she gives Kenya a pass. Eva doesn’t see the issue. But Cynthia doesn’t think she’s easier on Kenya than NeNe.


While at Porsha’s event, NeNe shows Tanya and Porsha a blog that alleges that Marc has had multiple affairs. Tanya thinks it’s interesting Kenya was contacting the cookie lady when she had her own allegations to deal with.

Porsha gives her speech and opens up about having a miscarriage at home alone a few years ago. Tanya then opens up about her fertility struggles and gets emotional.

In a green screen interview, Kenya says she nearly died giving birth. And women shouldn’t be shamed for not being able to have children.

Marlo reveals she had two ectopic pregnancies and it’s something she’s always struggled with.

NeNe reveals she had a miscarriage. And Shamea talks about her struggles during her pregnancy. Porsha is surprised to learn that Kenya was someone Shamea talked to a lot at that time. She’s also a little resentful Shamea called Kenya before her.


Kenya’s Aunt Lisa comes over. She’s still trying to figure out how to make the visitation thing work out with Marc. It’s hard to have a healthy conversation with Marc. And she doesn’t feel like he’s ever opened up to her. He won’t even let her speak to his parents. So at this point, she’s making Lisa her Power of Attorney.


Todd gets irritated with Kandi after she tells him that Don Juan booked her to speak at the Roc Nation Luncheon for women in business. Kandi doesn’t spend a lot of time at home and it’s upsetting for him. And Kandi feels as if Todd isn’t making an effort to see her in Chicago while she films “The Chi.”

He tells Kandi that he had to give up his passion of working in television so he could make more money as a business man because he was tired of people calling him a gold digger. So he wants Kandi to make the sacrifice to spend more time with her family.

The conversation brings Kandi to tears.

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