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Kat Calls out ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Producers

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Kat left the show after she had a nasty blowup with Ryan. She said they had been sleeping together and a lot of drama went down. Ryan decided it would be best to remove Kat from 9Mag in order to save his relationship with Rachel. And Kat hasn’t been on the show since.

On the latest episode, Kat made a small appearance. She showed up to Glenda’s funeral to support Charmaine. However, she recently called out the producers on social media.

Photo Credit: VH1

Many “Black Ink Crew Chicago” fans were happy to see Kat make a brief appearance on the show. She showed up at Glenda’s funeral.

Ryan said that he’s in a much better place with Kat these days. And there is no bad blood between them.

However, Kat may have bad blood with the producers. After the show’s official Twitter page promoted her brief appearance, she clapped back. And she said that she didn’t sign a release form to be filmed.

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